Inhale Dream, Exhale Reality


Client: Yogi’s Studio
Location: McMinnville, Oregon

Laura Pedroni, a local yoga instructor who practiced in downtown McMinnville, had a dream of moving her yoga studio to her home, where she would be able to spend more time with her family, and be home when her daughter arrived home from school. Our first meeting started with a set […]

Trusted to Fix a Big Problem


Client: La Quinta
Location: Eugene, Oregon

Rogers Consulting and Construction the predecessor to Rogers and Rogers Construction was the prime Sub-Contractor for Belfor Restoration on the La Quinta Hotel Restoration. The pool ventilation system failed causing dry rot on the floor joist and wall framing system. The building was in danger of major structural failure. Upon inspection […]

Pouring a Lot of Concrete!


Client: Northwest Specialty Clinic
Location: Eugene, Oregon

Northwest Specialty Clinic on the Peace Health Campus in Eugene was one of Rogers Consulting and Construction, the predecessor to Rogers & Rogers construction, larger project. With the concrete contract we formed and poured 4, 5 story elevator shafts and 56,000 square feet of concrete floor. With a crew of […]