Project Description

Client: Keola Court
Location: Springfield, Oregon

The Keola Court is an example of Rogers and Rogers commitment to quality. This home was build in 1996 and these photos where taken 8 years after completion of this custom homes. Rogers Consulting and Construction, the predecessor to Rogers and Rogers Construction designed and Constructed this home in 7 months.

With a full basement, Chris and one helper formed, poured, and waterproofed the basement footings and walls. Framed and finished the interior and exterior to include:

  • Siding
  • Painting
  • Tile
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Installation of Cabinets and Finishing of Cabinets

Some of the sub-contractors where the best Eugene had to offer they included:

  • McLaughlin Plastering
  • McKenzie River Electrical
  • Crain Plumbing
  • McKenzie Roofing and McKenzie Gutters
  • Brads Custom Cabinets
  • Arts Masonry

Chris is proud that his helper, Aaron, who just got out of the Air Force in 1995, has gone on to be a Superintendent at one of his former competitors in Eugene and is still in the field after 20 years. Aaron credits his love of construction to Chris to this day.